Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Frequently asked questions

  • Why join FCA Australia?
    FCA Australia is intended to be a fellowship of people:
    1. who love the scriptures and want to submit to them as the final authority in doctrine and morals,
    2. who are not afraid to stand against the world to honour Christ and His word,
    3. who are prepared to call out error in the church and press for its reform, and
    4. who want to be in fellowship with other Anglicans who together with us hold to this historic faith.
    Please join FCA Australia if:
    1. you want to be involved in, and support the promotion of a positive and vibrant orthodox faith within the Anglican Church of Australia,
    2. you assent to the Jerusalem Declaration as a statement of contemporary orthodox Anglicanism, and
    3. you seek to stand with others around the country, and if needed, will provide recognition, fellowship and assistance to those who have disaffiliated from their diocese because of the unorthodox actions of others.
  • Is this a breakaway movement, or worse, schismatic?
    We are not breaking away, we are staying, to call faithful orthodox Anglicans to help promote a clear Gospel message to our world.
    The communique of the 2015 GAFCON Primates meeting noted, “The members of our churches stand at the heart of the Communion, which is why we are committed to its renewal. We belong to the mainstream, and we are moving forward.”
    Our desire is to promote orthodox Anglicanism founded on the historic documents of the Bible, the Book of Common Prayer, the 39 articles and the making of Bishops, Priests and Deacons as stated in our Australian constitution. The Jerusalem Declaration is consistent with these foundations and our Anglican heritage.
    Our concern is to contend for the faith that was once for all entrusted to the saints, even if, or especially if, others depart from our orthodox Anglican heritage.
  • What is the difference between FCA and EFAC?
    There will be overlap in theological assumptions, sharing orthodox, biblically founded belief. FCA has a “wider” brief than EFAC in that it can include orthodox Anglicans who prefer not to use the term “evangelical”. EFAC seeks to foster evangelical ministry and support at the local level with seminars, conferences and programs and is active on a day to day basis. FCA is a body that is active where orthodoxy is under threat. In other countries FCA includes orthodox Anglicans from the charismatic, Anglo-catholic and evangelical sections of the communion.
  • Are their joining fees?
    There is no fee to become a member of FCA Australia, but each member is invited to make a voluntary donation to the operation of the Fellowship.
  • What will the money be used for?
    The administration and development of providing such resources as conferences, discussion papers, seminars, hosting international guests, through our website and social media. The resources to stand in support of churches and individuals who take a stand against false teaching and error in their diocese. At this stage, half of all money given to FCA Australia is donated to GAFCON for their ongoing ministry.
  • What is the link between GAFCON and FCA Australia?
    FCA Australia is a local expression of the global movement GAFCON. Formally it is a company registered in Australia to serve its members.  This includes educating our members of the situation in the global Anglican church.
  • I am already a member of GFCA do I need to join FCA-Aus?
    Signing up to be a member of FCA Australia automatically makes you a member of GAFCON. However, if you are a member of GAFCON, this does not automatically filter to our national company. We encourage you to join FCA Australia so you can be aware of local issues.